Exercise your constitutional right to a fresh start

Chapter 7 is also known as a fresh start bankruptcy.  This type of bankruptcy is usually appropriate for people who have a lot of credit card debt and/or medical bills or other unsecured debts.  Chapter 7 allows you to discharge most debts, forever freeing you from having to repay those debts.  Some debts are not dischargeable though, including most taxes, child support, spousal support, and guaranteed student loans.

The court appointed Trustee may seize and liquidate some of your assets, but there is a long generous list of exempt property in Oklahoma.  

To qualify for Chapter 7, a complicated analysis of your income must be done under the 'means test.'  If your income for the 6 month period prior to filing is below a predetermined level for households of your size in Oklahoma, then you qualify for Chapter 7.  If your household income exceeds the governmentally determined level for households of your size, additional computations must be made.  You may still qualify for a Chapter 7.  If you cannot qualify for a Chapter 7 under the means test, you will be required to file for reorganization under Chapter 13 and make monthly payments on your debts.

Mr. Siegrist will provide you with a complimentary consultation to help you decide whether bankruptcy is the best solution for you.  This consultation may be either in the office or over the telephone.  We will discuss your general questions and give you a broad overview of the bankruptcy process and other options you may have. 

It must be stressed that the best bankruptcy filings are very well planned months in advance.  Even if you are just doing preliminary research, you should call today for a preliminary consultation and start developing your own custom plan on the road to recovery. 

If you decide that filing of a bankruptcy petition is your best course of action, Mr. Siegrist employs a system to make the process as easy and as transparent as possible.

Note that we now have VIRTUAL BANKRUPTCY ASSISTANCE.  You can simply scan and submit all information and documents electronically and save yourself one or more trips to our office.  Faster and easier for both you and for us. Your case will still be handled from beginning to end by an attorney - but you now have the convenience of submitting documents at any hour and without having to travel.

  1. Complete the online bankruptcy questionnaire.​
  2. Print and sign the fee agreement. Mail the agreement to our office together with whatever retainer you can afford.  We will start preparing your forms when you have paid in the first $500.00.
  3. Submit all required documentation to our office. We now have VIRTUAL BANKRUPTCY ASSISTANCE and employ electronic document gathering for your convenience.  Simply scan and email the documents - save yourself a trip to the office. If you do not have access to a scanner, we can usually work with a good quality picture from your smartphone.  Of course, you can still bring the documents in person if you want that personal touch and a smiling face.
    **Paystubs for last 6 months
    **Tax returns for last two years (2015 and 2016)
    **Proof of your social security number (social security card)
    **Car titles (boat and motorcycle if applicable)
    **Deed to any real estate (don't worry, copies are only $2.00 each at the county courthouse)
    **Court order for child support or alimony (paying or receiving)
  4. Complete a credit counseling course - this can be done online or by telephone.  We send you instructions when we receive your retainer.
  5. When we call you, your one and only trip to our office is to sign a copy of your bankruptcy petition and pay the balance of your fee.
  6. Mr. Siegrist files your bankruptcy petition electronically with the court. 
  7. Complete a debtor education course - online or by telephone.
  8.  Attend a mandatory creditors' meeting with the bankruptcy Trustee approximately 30 days after your petition is filed with the court (also known as a 341 meeting). You will be scheduled for the morning or afternoon meeting schedule, and you will need to be available at the courthouse for one-half day.

We will guide you through all of the other procedures and details.

Mr. Siegrist has made his fee structure completely transaparent.  He does not play hide and seek with what he charges. The fee is posted on the website for all to see. You will never have to worry whether you negotiated our best possible price; we offer a fair price up front to all of our clients. And your case will never be delegated to office staff - a highly qualified attorney will always be in charge.  

Link to paper version of Questionnaire

Link to Chapter 7 Fee Agreement

Chapter 7

Fresh start bankruptcy.

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Chapter 7

Percentage of Tulsa filings under Chapter 7


No Asset

Most chapter 7 cases involving individual debtors are no asset cases



Individual debtors receive a discharge in more than 99% of chapter 7 cases